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Wandervorschläge um Rüdesheim

Rüdesheim (Parking Ringmauer Drosselgasse) on the wine trail
through the vineyards to the Niederwald Monument. Next on the Adlerwarte to the viewpoint Rossel. Then the Jagdschloss Niederwald along the driveway to the monument and to the lookout point.
Duration 3 hours

Hiking + cableway
From Rudesheim the cable car to the Niederwald. Tour of the Niederwald monument and eagle observatory. Through the nature park Rheingau-Taunus on Rossel, knights' hall, magic cave to Jagdschloss Niederwald. From there take the chairlift to Assmannshausen or walking through forest and vineyards. Return to Rüdesheim by boat, bus or train.
Duration 3-4 hours

Rüdesheim through the vineyards above the Brömserburg to Burg Ehrenfels
Then continue to the district Assmannshausen. Back by train, boat or bus to Rudesheim.
Duration 3 hours

Rüdesheim, Eibingen (tour of the Holy Sepulcher of Saint Hildegard)
Continue through the vineyards to the abbey of St. Hildegard. Visit to the church. Then through the neighborhoods Windeck and drift to the former convent Nothgottes. Then through the forest on the Ebentaler Hof Rudesheim back.
Duration 3-4 hours

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